Fondazione Housing Sociale Milano ( Tra i collaboratori: Rachele Bonadio) per il progetto preliminare (advisor tecnico e sociale). Realizzazione del progetto architettonico definitivo vincitore del Concorso housing sociale: Arch. Rossi Prodi

The architectural design is the result of an international design competition sponsored by public-private partnership, Polaris, Social Housing Foundation and the City of Milano, was developed by Rossi Prodi architecture office, on the basis of a preliminary draft presented as a material of the competition.
The project focus is thus the creation of a community, understood as a network of social relations based on people who interact on the basis of shared interests and similar stations in life. What will be created in Via Cenni is a community for growing because it is planned and designed to encourage young people—and others—to “leave the nest” and set out on the road to self-suffciency, growth and the establishment of new families ...

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